New Years 2012-2013

Onaping Falls, Ontario, Canada from iPhoneTemp on the drive home..

So for the new year, I went up north to a friends farm to bring it all in. It was a nice drive and a great time with my family. Once I got there it was unload, say hello and some good eats. There were clouds and snow the drive up, but later in the night a nice clearing came. Then I decided to hike up the hill, to their cabin which overlooks Vermilion Lake and their wonderful property, to setup the camera for a new years time lapse. At around 21 seconds, in the time lapse bottom left, you will see somebody bringing in the new years with some fireworks. While this was going on we where all inside watching the Naked Gun marathon on the tele. lol Time lapse below

Once I woke up, I went up to the cabin to get the camera. It was -25 celcius and had to kick the tripod to get it out of the snow. lol I then bundled up for another hike, this time I drove to Onaping Falls, Ontario, Canada. The hiking trails there are amazing. You walk over the falls, up the side of the Canadian Sheild to overlook and get an even nicer views of the falls. With this hike I used my Canon 70-200mm f2.8, and was very happy with the mist coming off the falls, made for some great pictures. I will be coming back to this area again because I have learned many things. I would love to get some images of “shatter cones”, which are formed from meteor impacts all over this area. Lots to learn and explore up north… Did you know Sudbury Basin, Ontario, Canada was formed from the second largest known impact crater?!?

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